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My dear friend and foster sister Alexxa, her partner, and her two children lost everything in an apartment fire yesterday (now believed to be an electrical fire). They lived on the second floor and woke up to smoke. In order to get out, they jumped from the balcony of the second floor, and Alexxa’s ankle broke badly, breaking through the skin. She is currently in the hospital after surgery on her foot, but she should be out in a few days. Then comes the long task of putting their lives back together.

Please contact me if you can help support them in any way. Gift cards for clothing stores, food, personal supplies (they live in Sacramento, CA) would be great. Also, I’m putting together a care package. Her son wears size 8 clothes and size 3 to 4 in shoes, and her daughter is a size 6 in clothes and 12 in shoes. Alexxa wears a women’s size 22, and her partner wears men’s large shirts and 32×34 pants. If you happen to have anything, they could use it.

They cried for 20 minutes for someone to call 9-1-1 before anyone did, many neighbors claiming they just thought it was a domestic dispute. She called her dogs out to the porch but could not get to them before their lives were taken. Laying on the ground bleeding with her home on fire and her dogs gone, she had her landlord harassing her and a neighbor complaining that the fire trucks were blocking her car. She is incredibly giving and kind, even though time and time again the world proves cruel to her. Please, help me help her out as much as I can living 3000 miles away.



You can also send items or gift cards to

Alexxa Goodenough
c/o A. Darling
1446 8th Avenue
Sacramento, CA 95818

Alexxa, daugter, & partner

Alexxa & son

Alexxa & daughter

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