Hello lovelies!

This is my blog with mostly photos from fantastic food adventures, travels, and my life in general. I am a doctoral candidate in mathematics education, high school math teacher, foster care alumna, DV survivor, wife, mother to two four-legged loves, friend, writer and editor, Dinner Club coordinator, and a Yale-educated liberal/leftist/give-everyone-healthcare-childcare-and-a-good-education-ist. All of these things and more are bound to come up and probably play central themes. Also, don’t worry, there is much more to me.

I attempt to follow Eat to Live at least 5 days a week, and I’ve recently started running (which I never, ever thought I would do in my whole life, which is exactly why I decided to start doing it). I also do Turbo Jam, and I adore Tony Horton and Power90. I think loving our bodies is more than accepting what we look like- it’s treating our bodies right by eating right and getting exercise and loving our bodies because we all come in different shapes and sizes, even when living a truly healthy lifestyle.

I look forward to sharing my views with you.


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