08-11 Fruit and 08-18 Abominations!!

We’ve sandwiched Abominations between Fruit and Greens, Glorious Greens! It’s for the best, although it was AWESOME.

08-11 Fruit

Amber’s orange tofu

My green salad with creamy orange dressing

Anne’s berry soup from Color Me Vegan

Mike made smokey white bean quesadillas with mango salsa

Jeff and Laurie made fried bananas

Steph made fruit skewers with a dipping sauce

and what I think was a mango, quinoa salad!

Laurie also made a banana cream pie

…are you ready for this?


Laurie and Jeff made surprisingly classy KFC bowls

I got “pork” rinds from Cosmo’s Vegan Shoppe

Mike and I made KFC double-downs (BIG hit)

I also made tater-tot casserole. Layer of tater tots, layer of mashed tatoes, layer of BBQ-sauced TVP, layer of mashed tatoes, layer of tater tots.

Steph made some tasty jalepeno mac’n’Teese

Robbie’s chili cheese fries

Robbie brought a classmate and said classmate’s girlfriend, and they made lovely philly chez steaks

Finally, the Mother [Lode] of the night, Steph’s 6-layer cake based on the famed Claim Jumper dessert. It was a sight to behold, and most of us couldn’t even finish a slice.

Woot! I’ll post about my trip to the midwest later.

much love,

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