July Dinner Club!

July backlog

07-07 Red, White, and Blue!

Apricot Red Lentil stew by Anne from Color Me Vegan

I made celery soup

Amber’s roasted red potatoes

Laurie’s white bean salad

Robbie’s stuffed peppers

Jeff’s parfait

Mike’s blueberry grunt

and Laurie’s cherry cayenne limeade

07-14 Picnic Week at the Lantern festival!!

Kevin’s muffins

Anne’s ants on a log

Mike’s potato salad

My southern macaroni salad

Amber’s couscous salad

Laurie brought watermelon!

Robbie’s salad

Jeff’s smoothie

07-21 was supposed to be Matt’s bday, but, well, we canceled that week due to low demand.

07-28 Japanese- NO SUSHI!

Robbie’s Tofu Katsu

Mike’s miso soup

My udon salad

Laurie’s Gomaaee

Amber’s braised bok choi

Kevin’s Japanese eggplant

Laurie’s green tea tiramisu


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