Getting caught up…

So, the school-year comes to an end this week, which means I’ve been busy with that. I had my proposal hearing on June 1, and after some minor drama, that will be good to go once the IRB approves. I have a ton of changes to make, however, and that is probably what I should have been working on instead of this. But, you know, I have neglected this for a couple months.

I started the Turbo Fire schedule last weekend, and I love it. I’m not too fond of Stretch 40, but I look forward to everything else. I put on like 10 lbs sitting on my butt for two months in front of my computer to get my proposal done on top of work and stress eating because of it all. I’ve been neglecting my well-being, too. I need to use this forum to be accountable to myself.

Anyway, today’s workout was HIIT 20 and Stretch 10. I’m rather sore after Fire 45 yesterday, failing to stretch to run out the door, and then standing for over four hours for the Bruins parade. Can we say lactic acid buildup?

I will be on here more often!

much love,

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