03-10 Greens, glorious greens!; 03-17 Irish/Green

Definitely a popular week, Greens, glorious greens! saw fantastic use of dark, leafy veggies.

03-10 Greens, glorious Greens!!

I made Palak Paratha

Anne’s lentil and spinach soup

And a cream to go with

Mike’s Chana Saag

Steph’s Pesto cheese bread! Probably the biggest hit of the night.

Steph also brought SUPER tasty kale and cashew cream sauce

Amber and Robbie’s brussel sprouts roasted with maple syrup

Laurie’s green beans!

A&R also made szechuan broccolis

And Jeff’s asparagus!!!

Oh, what a fabulous week, and we followed it up with…

03-17 Irish/Green

Kevin’s super tasty soda bread from The Vegan Table

I made cream of broccoli soup… because it is SO DAMN GOOD.

Anne’s lentil soup

Amber’s Irish colcannon with potatoes and green cabbage

Mike’s Irish Apple Mash

We’ve had some small weeks lately, but we all end up full and satisfied at the end! I am SUPER looking forward to Mike’s bday theme this week- Diner/Comfort food!!!

Although, my waistline isn’t so much. Too much time spent slumped on my bed writing dissertation stuff has meant too much mindless eating and too little busting my butt. I miss working out! And I’m not digging being up 3 lbs. Gotta figure it out.

much love,

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  1. Lauri says:

    Not my green beans. Shawna’s?

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