February 5-day Inferno results

This is how Beckett would coach us… half asleep on the futon while Laurie and I jumped, punched, kicked, and got our Turbo on!

Result photos:

A tiny amount of inches lost overall and 3 lbs (though probably one of those was water). However, I can definitely see more muscle definition (not that you can with these tiny photos!). Anyway, Laurie and I were both happy with our results, and I found I really love Turbo Fire. Wa-hoo! The abs are coming along. I dig it.

I do have to give a huge amount of props to Laurie, though. The videos were so tough the first couple times, I would probably have given up if I didn’t have her. It’s really true that the more you do the workouts, you get the choreography down (which is no joke), and you can enjoy yourself more. I felt awesome on day 5- I’m so glad I made it!

much love,

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