The ‘Houn, the ‘Houn, the ‘Houn is on…


Came in the mail yesterday =) Okay, so Calhoun College doesn’t have much to do with this, but this Hounie is feeling the fire!

I did the HIIT 15 workout today, just to see what it was like and if it would work for my mornings. Now, HIIT has a lot of plyometrics (jumping), and Mike’s laptop had a fit and crashed his game while he was playing on the coffeetable as I was working out. Also, it was very loud since I have hardwood floors. Soooo… not a workout I’m going to do at 4am. I think I’m going to attempt to make up for it by fitting in the workouts in the evening, staying up a little later to get work done, and then sleeping in a few minutes longer. We’ll see.

If you don’t know about Turbo Fire, it’s intense cardio (see the box). If you’re already into cardio, if you like dancy music, have strong joints, and appreciate sound effects for special moves, look into it.

I’m hoping to do the 5-day intense program over Feb vacation next week. The photos of other people’s results are crazy for only 5 days, so I’m going to see if it’s real or what.

And yes, the other day, I had a “Holy shit, am I seriously excited about a workout program coming in the mail?” and the answer is yes. I was excited, I am excited now. It kind of reminds me about how I feel about new seasons of Survivor… or at least how I felt before when I had time to watch it. And for those of you who know me, you KNOW what that means.

much love,

Today’s workout: TF HIIT 15

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  1. Steph says:

    Go M.E. go- feel the turbo fire! Billy Blanks is my workout buddy here in Chicago. I was super bummed that I did not receive my new PT 24/7 workout before leaving for break. I was planning on hitting it hard this week, but I just have to keep going with what I already have. Good luck!

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