02-03 Lunar New Year

Not the most well-attended week, but we ate well, anyway.

Kevin has been without a stove/oven for a while, but he managed to heat up some edamame

Steph made potstickers

I made Asian Noodle Soup sans tofu from the latest VegNews

Mike made General Tao’s Tofu

And Amber made Korean Spicy Noodle Soup

Aaaaaaaaaand I managed to misplace my camera before I could get a photo of Laurie’s almond cookies.

Next week- Kev’s bday- Italian/Casseroles!

much love,

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  1. Mic Straube says:

    So delicious and so jealous! Everything looks great! Thanks for sharing and thanks for keeping me on the list, M.E. One of these weeks, I’ll have to make the trek up from RI. It always looks (and tastes) worth it. I’m hoping it will be easier when we move closer to Boston after graduation.

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