Imbolg dinner

As a nature-worshiper of sorts, I have wanted to do dinners to celebrate the holidays for a while as a way to recognize the turning wheel of the year and of all life on Earth. So, Sunday night, Laurie and I had our first such dinner.

Imbolg is meant as a celebration to try to bring some joy during the dark winter. It is when some animals start to give birth, and we focus on the fact that spring is coming rather than being depressed about the terrible weather and waning resources. So, beneath the ridiculous amount of snow, we clearly needed to look forward to spring.

Gluten-free braided bread (kind of a total experiment, turned out OK)

Laurie made roasted root veggies

And chocolate-filled puff pastry

I made an oat risotto

and Laurie’s tasty corn chowder

Looking forward to the vernal equinox!

much love,

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