Hippie Quest 55 Complete: Making Kombucha

So, several months ago, Steph introduced me to kombucha. It’s a relatively low-calorie, low-sugar beverage (you use sugar to make it, but the bacteria eats it up, yo) that is not only super tasty, it has lots of B vitamins. It’s a ‘living food,’ and those are all the rage these days in the hippie/crunchy subculture. No scientific studies to prove it does anything, lots of theory, a few people scared it could kill you. Welcome to life.

Anyway, kombucha is a bit expensive in stores (when on sale, it’s still $2.50-3.00 a pint), and I know a few people who had started making their own at home. I rather like do-it-yourself projects, and I like food. So, two weeks ago, I got a SCOBY from Steph, and I started my first batch. I bought a gallon Mason jar from my local hardware store, and I read directions from about six different websites, mainly¬†http://bonzaiaphrodite.com/2009/05/how-to-brew-your-own-homemade-kombucha/¬†. The main thing is- MAKE SURE EVERYTHING IS CLEAN!

My mother already had a baby! Soon, I’ll be able to keep up TWO gallons. Today, this is what my kombucha looked like, ready to be bottled.

And bottle it I did. I (at the advice of Steph) saved kombucha bottles from tea I bought when it was on sale. Half of them have just kombucha, the other half also have 1/3 c acai “juice.” I took one of each of those and put them back in the pantry because one site said it would help make it bubbly. The other four are in the fridge, ready for me to drink! The mother and baby are in a dish in the fridge while my next batch of black tea cools on the stove.

My kombucha came out super tasty, and it hasn’t killed me in the last 40 minutes or so since tasting. Soooo… good stuff.

I have Dinner Club and garden photos for posts (and some badass fungi from around the yard). I totally need to catch up, but I feel guilty when not spending time on my dissertation or related efforts. So, I feel bad for both spending time on those things AND for spending time writing about those things, even if it takes less than 20 minutes. I know, I know, suck it up, M.E. If I want to do everything, I have to do everything.

much love,

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