Post half-marathon, pre-P90X

So, I’ve been doing a lot of sitting on my ass for the last year or so, especially without having classes to teach (I walk around my classroom a lot). Since February, I went from exercising for about an hour a day to only 30-45 minutes of just jogging/running in prep for my half marathon.

Now, I’m proud to say I completed my first half on May 6 at just under 2:30, but the training hasn’t been enough.

I’ve been a little depressed after coming out of the job market empty-handed this year, so my eating hasn’t been the best either… nor have my drinking habits. Oh well.

It certainly hasn’t been a tailspin of despair (I still completed perhaps the greatest physical accomplishment of my life so far!), but I’m getting back into my groove. Also, I have a hip-attached partner-in-crime these days: my husband, Mike, has jumped on the fitness bandwagon. He’s pretty stoked about it after running the half (way better time than mine), and I’m so incredibly happy both to see him happy and to feel his full support.

We started P90X (with cardio swapped for running or Turbofire 2 days a week) yesterday, and things are looking good. Here are my post-half marathon pre-p90x photos, at 173 lbs. I’m at the same weight I was my senior year of college (which was then a low for me), but I’m definitely in better shape and much healthier! I can’t wait to get more muscle. Ready to Bring It!




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