Ah, life is good!

We’re finally up and running again! And by we, I mean me and this site. Thanks mainly to two things- my friend, Jeff, and a snow day.

So, I think the main things people have asked for would be photos from the wedding and honeymoon. So, here’s a few things I’m willing to post.

The altar, with Hygeia- we’re all about prevention

The two of us preparing for the wedding

Tying the knot


Beckett, our beloved ring bearer

Vegan zombie cake!!!


Aaaaaand the honeymoon… in December… IN THE CARIBBEAN.

On the train… FREEZING in Boston

My breakfast at The Front Porch Cafe in South Beach before leaving for the boat- a shake with broccoli, spinach, bananas, and strawberries with soy milk, a fruit plate, refries, and toast. I LOVE it!!!

My feets in the Atlantic… the warm waters of Miami

View from our balcony on the boat


We watched the lunar eclipse from our balcony

Up the next morning to watch and celebrate the solstice sunrise over Grand Cayman

The beautifully clear waters of Mexico

The private beach where we went after snorkeling in Mexico

We went hiking and cave tubing, but, of course, the thing I found the most interesting in Belize was the cemetery…

Rusting ship to greet us…

but Roatan, Honduras was definitely the most BEAUTIFUL place we visited!

Part of the resort where we went scuba diving and then saw wild dolphins… SO COOL

Ah… all that warmth. It’s STILL snowing outside, but my school hasn’t closed for tomorrow yet. I suppose I should shovel again and go to bed. Hope you’re happy!

much love,

Today’s workout: TurboJam Cardio Party Mix 1

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2 Responses to Yes!

  1. Jason says:

    Yours is the only marriage I approve of.

  2. Jason says:

    Addendum – only because of its sheer and overwhelming awesomeness.

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