Vegan Mofo: Day 2

Soooo…. successfully procrastinating grading quizzes and writing my teaching/research statements, I bring you my day.

First, I flew out of BOS terminal C, which was infinitely better than wherever Southwest flies out of. There was even a place that carried the vegan macro boxes. Anyway, arrived at the hotel early but was able to check in and go for a run. MY CALVES ARE KILLING ME. 5K on an incline? What was I thinking?


The rest of the day was unremarkable other than meeting up with my fabulous friend, Diana, and her husband John for dinner. I then went to the sundries shop at the hotel and picked up some Chuckles. No, I don’t know what the hell they are, but they’re vegan and I needed a food item after not cataloging the rest of my food day. So there.


Much love,

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