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03-10 Greens, glorious greens!; 03-17 Irish/Green

Definitely a popular week, Greens, glorious greens! saw fantastic use of dark, leafy veggies. 03-10 Greens, glorious Greens!! I made Palak Paratha Anne’s lentil and spinach soup And a cream to go with Mike’s Chana Saag Steph’s Pesto cheese bread! … Continue reading

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Second jog of the season!

55 degrees this morning- sounds like a good time to go for a run! 1.7 miles today. Holla =) Also, there was a Groupon for one of my favorite Indian restaurants and one for a massage with a manipedi. I … Continue reading

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First run of the season!

After grocery shopping, I ran around the big block and did 0.7 miles. I could have gone longer, but I didn’t plan for a longer trip. I was already home! Hopefully tomorrow I’ll be able to go up to the … Continue reading

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03-03 Yellow

Okay, so, I had been in a not-so-great mood all day, and then most people baled on dinner club. Praise Gaia, I had foreseen the need for more dishes. The five of us enjoyed some yellow foods. My hero, Matt … Continue reading

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